Vancouver’s Easter Egg Hunt for Adults

When seeing the upcoming VanDusen EasterEgg hop coming up next week-end, which is limited to children 5 and under. Kris Constable saw the event, and tongue–in-cheek responded, “ageism”, as who doesn’t like the thrill of such a fun hunt.

He immediately reached out to quirky event organizer extraordinaire, Sasha Alexandra Van Wie, and asked her what it would take to organize such a hunt for adults, offering to throw $20 into a pot to cover his portion of such a hunt, no matter how it unfolds.

This started a greater conversation of what an adult Easter egg hunt might entail, and here we are today. Instead of planning it in isolation, we’ve had a few friends express an interest. This post is your invite to participate in what an “Vancouver’s Adult Easter Egg hunt” might consist of. If you want to be a part of it, join us at noon, on Wednesday, April 17th, on

Please test your camera and microphone before joining the call. We look forward to hearing your ideas!

If you’re interested in sponsoring such an event financially, or in-kind, please email so your proposal can be presented formally and appropriately to the group

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