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This page is being created by the people behind, which is a personal blog of Kris Constable. His blog gets between 10,000 and 100,000 hits a day, with an average of over 20,000. That’s a lot of traffic, more than many media organisations. The purpose of this website is to showcase Vancouver’s best. It is a commercial blog, and asking price to be listed is $500/month, minimum 6 month spend where our editors get full copy creation and editing licence. If you’d rather provide your goods or services in-kind, we ask for a $1,000/monthly. After 6 months, either party can end the business relationship, in which cases your articles will be removed. But we have no intention on letting that happen. We’re not your regular marketing team. We’re not prioritised on social feeds like Facebook and Instagram that fade as soon as you post. Our intention is growth, as demonstrated with We can demonstrate a 10,000 hit bump in traffic without the regular sensationalism that we’re used to seeing. We keep it real, and we only showcase the best. We want to grow our brand, with yours.

If you have a brand and are based in British Columbia, Canada, email to negotiate.

This blog will launch once we have the first 20 brands signed on. Until then, we are offering half price, in perpetuity.

English Bay on Fireworks Day
English Bay on Fireworks Day, from the sky